Forever Green Organic (FGO) was founded on October 2010. The first organic retail shop in Brunei and sole distributor of mainly organic products.

"Organic Life = Healthy & Wealthy Life" is our slogan.Our mission is to increase the awareness of the importance of nutritional dieting habits and how an organic lifestyle will bring about a lifetime of good health and wellness.

Our aim is to educate consumers about the importance of consuming organic products that are without chemical pollution, without GMO, without chemical fertilizer, without pesticides and processed without artificial coloring, additives and flavoring that will provide us with the natural richness of nutrients and minerals the way nature has intended it to be.

A healthy body begins with good eating habits and correct dietary intake and quality lifestyle. We have a full range of organic products including variety of oat milk, soya milk, enzymes, antioxidant products,cooking sources, healthy biscuits and many other more for all ages regardless infant group, children, growing teenagers, adults and elderly. We believe that everyone in Brunei will have easy access to buying and consuming organic food.